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by on November 1st, 2018

September has been christened as the ‘Fashion Month’ with renowned designers showcasing their collections at different fashion weeks across New York, Milan, London and Paris. Designer trends may vary from season to

This Natural Skincare Ingredient Has Exploded In Popularity, And The Science Supports It!

According to New Beauty’s blog, an examination of the trending searches on Pinterest throughout 2019 revealed an explosion of interest in a natural skin care ingredient that has been used for

Winter Skin For Mature Women Doesn’t Have To Be Dry

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash Whether you live in hot or cold environments, leaving your skin exposed to the elements is a bad idea. While both roasting hot and freezing climates damage

Cold Weather Doesn’t Have To Mean Dry Skin

Whether you live in a hot or cold environment, your skin feels the effects of extreme temperatures. While both searingly hot and frigidly cold climates damage your skin, they do so

From The Rising Sun – 5 Skincare Secrets From Japan

Japanese women have a reputation for aging extremely well. From their heads, to their hearts, to their heels, they are on average the longest-living ethnic group on the planet. You can

Anti-Aging Moisturizer Can Repair Scars From Cuts And Tattoos

Have you ever gotten a serious cut on a part of your body that gets a lot of sunlight? Maybe you need surgery and it left a surgical scar – a

If You Want Real Anti-Aging, Here’s Your Shopping List

Taken From An Earlier Get Health Skin Now Article, There are plenty of fields of study which require constant attention if one is to stay on top of new developments and

Sleeping Is One Key To Keeping Skin Youthful

Could sleeping longer be the key to maintaining healthy youthful looking skin into your later years? We’ve all heard the stories about waking up at 30 and having a one-third life

Bellaplex For Expression Lines

Recently oligopeptide complexes have gained a lot of attention by dermatologists because they are the only proven topical intervention to reduce expression lines. Bellaplex offers a multidimensional panoply of oligopeptides which

DANGER: The Foods That Make You Wrinkle

You are what you eat, an often ignored piece of advice doled out for children by dentists and doctors, could never be more correct. Every 4 years a human being finishes

The Skin Microbiome And How To Protect It

“The skin is the human body’s largest organ, colonized by a diverse milieu of microorganisms, most of which are harmless or even beneficial to their host. Colonization is driven by the

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