Consumers are increasingly seeking “anti-aging” products that treat wrinkling, creasing and furrowing of the skin. The advent of costly and painful cosmetic injections for treating expression lines of the face has heightened interest in finding topical alternatives that are effective and non-invasive.

Expression lines are a distinct type of wrinkle that occurs on the facial skin at an early adult age. They are related anatomically to the facial expression muscles in the periorbital, glabella, forehead, and perioral areas. The activity of these muscles during the actions of smiling, squinting, pursing of the lips, and frowning places greater physical stress upon the overlying skin than in other areas in the face.

For this reason expression lines are less responsive to those topical treatments that focus upon the non-contractile elements of cutaneous anatomy, such as the epidermis.

In order to be most effective treatment of expression lines should also entail the inhibition of the facial expression muscles and the muscle fiber elements associated with the dermis. A myriad of substances that relax striated muscle fibers are described in the cosmetic prior art. The problem is that the muscle relaxants of the prior art are either slow acting, they are not potent enough, or the inhibitory effects are not cumulative.

Furthermore, none of these muscle relaxants reduce facial muscle actions. A newly discovered plant extract that rapidly inhibits deformation of the dermis enables substances that repair and rejuvenate it to become more effective.

An expression line is formed when a muscle of facial expression contracts or shortens itself beneath the skin and then relaxes and returns to its resting length. The skin can also shorten and rebound, but not as well as the muscle. Therefore, the skin tends to buckle and fold inward as the muscle contracts.

The ability of the skin to withstand the shortening and rebounding of the underlying muscle is related to the quality and health of the upper dermis. With increasing age the thickness, elasticity, collagen content. and reparative ability of the dermis diminishes. The skin can no longer rebound from this action and the fibrous intercellular matrix of the dermis weakens and breaks.

At this point the skin has developed a permanent wrinkle. The wrinkle will continue to deepen as this area of the skin is subjected to the perpetual stress of facial expressions.

Bellaplex For Expression Lines


Recently oligopeptide complexes have gained a lot of attention by dermatologists because they are the only proven topical intervention to reduce expression lines.

Bellaplex offers a multidimensional panoply of oligopeptides which produce unparalleled anti-aging results at a price that everyone can afford. 

Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and Matrixyl 3000 are well known for their anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Most anti-aging moisturizers might have one or two active ingredients while charging 4 or 5 times the cost of Bellaplex.

Only Bellaplex delivers FOUR scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients right into where you need it most for a THIRD or even a QUARTER of the price of other moisturizers.

With 2000 reviews on Amazon averaging 5 stars, TruSkin Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Vitamin C, is a great example of this. It advertises things like green tea and vitamin C, which can be acquired at virtually no cost in the form of commercial tea, a green tea extract for 6 bucks, or any kind of citrus fruit.

Meanwhile TruSkin costs $15.99 plus shipping. None of these ingredients have been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dermatology literature is very clear on what compounds are needed to repair wrinkled tissue.

It also contains the hydrolyzed version of collagen peptides I, III IV and VIII, vital for replenishing the proteins that make up dense, healthy, elastic skin.

On paper, Bellaplex suffers no rival to its claim as the most effective anti-aging moisturizer. The price, the ingredients, the fact that it’s made and fulfilled in the United States, all add up to one fact –