During the fall and winter seasons, skin can suffer dryness much more than normal.  Having a dependable dry skin care regiment can prepare your skin for the colder weather while also keeping skin healthy looking all year.

Why Cold Weather is Bad for Skin

There are several reasons that colder weather can harm skin:

  1. Cool temperatures tighten pores. Your skin is less likely to “breathe” and is more likely to trap toxins, dirt, dust and other small particles.  The trapped particles can clog pores making skin itchy and dry.
  2. Heat removes moisture. All types of skin need moisture in order to absorb nutrients and to help clean out debris.  During cold weather the heat that keeps us warm also removes vital moisture, starving skin from hydration and causing dryness.
  3. Wind can dry out skin. Colder weather can also mean more wind.  The wind can chafe skin, leaving it feeling very dry and irritated. 
  4. Covering up may mean neglecting care. Many people who cover up in warmer clothes may also reduce their normal dry skin care routine.  Just because skin is covered the care for skin should not be ignored.

Ways to Keep Skin Healthy

Maintaining a regular dry skin care routine can help people keep skin looking healthy throughout the colder months.  Some ways to keep skin feeling and looking great include:

  • Wash face, neck and skin every day. Even if it’s a simple rinse the water can help hydrate skin while washing away debris and toxins.
  • Use gentle cleansers. Harsh cleansers and exfoliating washes should only be used once a week at most.  Choose a gentle cleanser that will not irritate your skin or leave a residue.
  • Moisturize all skin types. Even oily skin should have some type of moisturizer applied during colder weather.  For dry skin care choose a moisturizer that is clinically proven to hydrate and help dry skin to recover quickly.  For oilier skin simply choose a very light moisturizer that will act as a layer of protection for your skin from wind, heat and airborne particles.

Ingredients are the Key

When choosing the right skin care products, look for natural ingredients that are safe for your skin type.  Lavender has recently been recognized as a very effective ingredient soothes irritated skin while also providing much needed hydration.  To keep your skin healthy looking, be sure to research products that are best suited for your unique skin type.