Flawless skin is the epitome of beauty in every woman. When our skin is smooth and clear, we feel more in control, as if we have the power to be confident and accomplish our daily goals. Your skin complexion says a lot about your overall health, such as breakouts which could be a cause of dehydration or simply your hormone changes at a certain time of the month. Lack of a skin care routine can also cause problems when it comes to impurities making its way to the surface.

It’s essential for everyone to have a daily face wash routine that involves a scrub, a toner, and a moisturizer to keep dirt away and dehydration at bay. We all know that with our daily busy lives it can be daunting to think of putting so much of our free time into cleaning your face, but we can guarantee it is well worth the investment. Your skin will thank you for the care, and you will feel on top of the world when you don’t have to worry about those imperfections showing. A good skincare routine for any man or woman benefits you by taking the guesswork out of looking great with amazing skin, it prevents dark circles and wrinkles, and it aids in helping you wake up with smooth, hydrated, and energized skin every day.

Unlike losing weight or building muscle, it does not take long to see lasting results from a proper skincare routine. Our skin deserves a lot more credit than it is given as while we are sleeping it works overtime to rejuvenate and replenish cells. Our skin fights to slow down the aging process and maintain our skin tone, so we can help it by taking care of our problem areas. Specific skin problems point towards other health issues such as:

  1. Dry and itchy skin: This could be a possible cause of a thyroid problem which can affect your skin and hair if not working properly
  2. Acne: This can be due to several issues such as stress, poor diet, and hormonal imbalances. Acne is best resolved through a healthcare professional. Keep your anxiety levels under control by doing breathing exercises to reduce your stress, however, never underestimate the power of an epic skincare routine.
  3. Puffy eyes: Are due to being overly tired from lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital to a healthy body and face.
  4. Your hormones are all over the place: For example, acne that appears mainly on your chin and jaw line could be a symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome which can be treated.
  5. An internal infection: If you discover a rash that just won’t seem to go away it could be an underlying problem, generally accompanied by a fever, joint pain and muscle aches. In short, don’t ignore a rash that can’t be resolved with a little ointment.
  6. Digestion: Now if your zits tend to sit around your nose and mouth it could be a digestive problem. You could be eating too many greasy foods or something that you have sensitivity to.
  7. Lack of water: That’s right, if you are not drinking enough water your body cannot flush out all the toxins and that will eventually show in your face. Dehydration can also be the cause of dark circles under your eyes making you look older and tired.

As you can see, there are underlying reasons why your skin could be acting up, and it is important to identify the cause. Set a goal for yourself and make a list of all the things you should be doing to keep your skin healthy because if you look at it, every single solution to better skin is a solution to a better overall lifestyle. Drink your water, wash your face, brush your teeth, exercise, and get tons of sleep and before you know it, you will see an incredible change. Speaking of which, did you know that poor oral hygiene is also linked to bad skin? Research has shown that the same oral bacteria that causes infected teeth can also cause the skin to develop acne. If unpleasant breath wasn’t encouragement enough to get that toothbrush out, clearing up that skin definitely will be. Remove that dirt, oil and unwanted debris on your face and start waking up to glowing skin to be the envy of your friends. There is a wide range of skincare products that will benefit you in many ways from clearing blackheads to correcting your skin tone and giving you the moisturizing needs your skin will always crave.

Start every morning with a clear facial scrub which will remove any makeup that may be on your skin and remove any dead skin cells. Follow that up with a good toner to shrink the appearance of pores using a damp cotton pad. Lastly, use a good moisturizer to keep the skin’s elasticity and reduce signs of aging as well as a dry, flaky appearance. Your night time routine should be the same, only using a night moisturizer as the alternative to your day product. This helps to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

Unfortunately, nothing comes easy and having clear, beautiful skin and nails is something we all have to work to maintain. However, much like going to the gym, it is well worth the effort, and we can guarantee you will not regret putting in the time. Everyone’s skin is different and with that comes the need for different products. You could either have very dry sensitive skin or an oddly oily complexion that can be easily solved when you know what you need to buy. It is always recommended to speak to a dermatologist where they will give you the solution that will put you on top of the world. We want to feel powerful and confident at any event you attend, whether it’s a birthday or especially your wedding, worrying about your skin should be the last thing on your mind and the first thing to make you proud.