Purpose of our articles

With every article or content we publish, our goal is to:

  • Improve. Help people understand skin care in a form that they can identify with and encourages them to actively make better decisions that work for them.
  • Respect. The writing must take a tone of respect for the readers. Always write from their point of view, and do not patronise them. We must keep in mind that their time is precious and they could easily be doing other things. Be considerate and sensitive about diversity and inclusion. Do not toss marketing phrases at the readers; be genuinely considerate and communicative.
  • Inform. Improve their understanding of things when you tell them what they need to know, do not just write what you want to say. Give readers precise information, and as much as possible include how they can learn more. While you are an expert, our readers might not always understand where you are coming from.
  • Inspire. Think of yourself as a tour guide for our readers. Whether you’re leading them through our educational materials or a task in our app, communicate in a friendly and helpful way.
  • Introspect. Think realistically how important your writing piece is. Do not be over dramatic in your claims and remain focused on real ideas.
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